Hi everybody, my name is Eliana and I want to invite you to go through a 21-Day journey with me.
I have to confess that I added some weight to my body in the last four months. I just recovered from a back injury that occurred  back in December and I was not able to workout as consistently as I should. The stress of not knowing if I was ever going to recover from my injury, and life itself led me to overeating.
You may be asking: Eliana- I’ve seen your posts and you’ve been showing all the exercises you’ve been doing lately, so what is your problem? My problem is the same problem that most people go through: too much food!  I just celebrated my 48th birthday last week and even though I accepted my age gracefully and graciously, it has been very difficult to accept the changes that my body is going through.
I constantly had this excuse when I was younger: I don’t need to worry about what and how much I eat. The food is healthy and I will burn it anyway! Yes, that really happened a couple of years ago when I was teaching fitness classes every day at the gym. I was always exercising. But now, things are different.. I don’t want to exercise all day and I don’t have the time to exercise all day. I need my exercises to be less than 60 minutes a day and If I could do it for 30 minutes a day and at home, that would be wonderful.
I love exercising, but I don’t like calorie counting and calculating how much food I should or shouldn’t eat. I am a  homeschooling Mom, a housewife, a business owner, and… should I continue??? The list goes on and on. I am not complaining about everything I have to do because I love all that I do, but I don’t like calorie counting and calculating how much food I should eat. That is the reason why I am so happy that a program was created that makes eating healthy and controlling how much I eat a fun and a very colorful process. And to make it sweeter, this process is combined with seven different workouts varying from total body strength, cardio, Pilates and yoga, that can be done in 30 minutes a day. The best of all… this process is only 21days long!

Please follow me as I go through the 21 Day Fix Challenge. I will be traveling this path with a group of ladies who will be meeting daily on a private Facebook group. But you will be able to follow my journey at my 21 Day Fix blog where I will be sharing my daily thoughts, struggles, victories, recipes, and exercise tips and photos. Watch me now and join me on my next 21 Day fix challenge group starting on April 14th.
Let’s do it!

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