The 21 Day Fix system is a program that was released 2 years ago and  I am still very excited about it. I believe that all  Beachbody programs are incredible, but what makes 21 Day Fix really different is the portion sizes idea. I am also excited that this program includes exercises that are 30 minutes long and after the success of Focus T-25 and P90×3 (that are also 30-min a day workouts), I could not expect anything different from Beachbody.


I decided to celebrate my countdown to my 50th Birthday using this program because it has been proven to be effective for the last 2 years and everybody who is doing it, is having incredible results. I had great results when I did it for the first time back in 2014. I lost 8lbs in 21 day and it was what I needed at that time.

I also need help with my eating plan and the 21 Day Fix Portion Control method and containers work! Even though I can be very disciplined with my workouts, I can get a little bit “excited” with my eating. I can eat too much while eating healthy! It doesn’t matter if you are eating healthy or even organic foods. If you are eating too much… you are eating too much!

I am excited with the idea that after doing this program, I will be able to start and finish any of the other Beachbody programs successfully because I will have  my nutrition completely figured out.

I spent some time reviewing the nutrition guide and I am ready to apply all that I learned using this system. It was time well spent and an investment into an incredible eating pattern that will make my journey successful.

I calculated my nutrition based on my weight and the amount of calories burned. They suggest that the calorie burned in each workout is around 400.
My calorie target is 1,405. I may adjust it as I see fit.

Here is my daily nutrition (I will explain the containers situation as we move along):

This system is so easy to understand because each container has a list of foods that you are allowed to eat, giving you the freedom to mix and match containers  with your favorite meals. You also can just choose one of the delicious recipes included in the nutrition guide.

You measure your food using the containers, but then you pour everything onto your plate. Surprisingly, it is lots of food.

It is very interesting to see how the drinks are introduced throughout the week. You are encouraged to drink lots of water (half of your body weight) but all the other drinks including juice and milk you are allowed to drink only 3 times a week, and you have to give up one portion of carbs to accommodate them. Would you rather  drink your carbs or eat them?

Shakeology is also allowed in the diet and it counts as protein (1 red container).

Another great feature is that snacks, delicious treats and a restaurant guide are also included!
It is time to go shopping! Are you coming with me?


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