In two days this incredible program will be here! Yesterday I shared with you the incredible nutrition format that the 21 day Fix has to offer. The eating plan that comes with it is the magic bullet in the 21 Day Fix. You will find color-coded containers that will guarantee you consume the appropriate amount of calories. It will also guide you to consume the right nutrients your body needs.
Today I want to talk about the fitness portion of the 21 Day Fix. This program comes with 7 workouts and an additional 10 Minutes Abs Fix (I am looking forward to that!)
The workouts are 30 minutes each and most of the moves are divided in 1-minute intervals. You will get a serious burn at the end of that minute for sure!
You will need 2 sets of dumbbells or resistance bands.
It is simple fitness and simple nutrition! Learn more about this program and join my 21 Day Challenge Group starting on February 17th. I will be your FREE Coach and I will be with you through your entire journey.

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