Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body – 7 workouts for only $19.99!

I love to dance! I used to teach dance classes at least 3 times a week and I miss it!!!.

Yesterday I decided to add one more workout to my Chalean Extreme Challenge that I am participating in. I used my Rockin’ Body workout DVDs and I had the best time.

Rockin Body was created by Shaun T – who created the Insanity workouts. It is so much fun!!! The best thing now is that Rockin Body is only $19.99! This is it! 7 Workouts for $19.99 ($40 off from the original $59.99 price).

Here is a video I shot a while ago showcasing some of the Rockin Body moves. For some of you, you will recognize the moves because I use lots of them in my Dance de La Soul classes in Montana. Enjoy it!

Learn more about Rockin’ Body

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