Multi- Programs Beachbody Challenge Group starting RIGHT NOW!

Have you heard of programs such as 21 Day Fix, CIZE, PIYO, P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Brazil Butt Lift, etc?

If you were thinking in getting started with one of these programs, you are in the right place.

Join my 30-Day Challenge Groups where you will be virtually with a group of people that will be reaching the same goals as you. You’ll also have an option to start immediately and receive my daily video-emails.

I will  keep you engaged and motivated throughout your journey. I will be sharing tips, recipes, and more that I will post to our private Group page or to the private video-emails.

You may be asking right now… What do I need to do?

1) Choose your program. I would love to help you to go through the list of programs and help you make a decision that will be suitable for your fitness level.

2- Get Started For FREE  by trying BEACHBODY on DEMAND FOR 30 Days

Take a look and see what BEACHBODY on DEMAND is all about: 

3-  Or Purchase a Challenge Pack!

With the Challenge Pack, you will receive a fitness program, one of five delicious Shakeology flavors (choice of bag or packets), and a FREE 30-day trial membership to the Team Beachbody Club, where you will find all the support you’ll need to complete The Challenge!  There is a Super Discount Shipping fee of $2 on all ChallengePacks shipped within the U.S. and its territories. 

Let’s use 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack as an example:

4- Sign-up for one of My Monthly Challenge Groups

Starting on the First MONDAY of EACH MONTH or START IMMEDIATELY by receiving my daily accountability video-emails.

PS. These challenges are for new BEACHBODY CUSTOMERS (WITHOUT A COACH) and my existing customers (Eliana Dukes or CoachEliana). If you are a coach or have another coach, please contact him/her to find out about their next upcoming challenge group.


1- Beachbody On Demand Challenge Group - Any Beachbody Program

You can get started for FREE!

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