PIYO  Challenge Group


What is PIYO?


 What is a Challenge Group?


If you are thinking in getting started with PIYO, you are in the right place.

Join my PIYO Challenge Group where you will be virtually with a group of people that will be reaching the same goals as you.

It is a 30-DAY challenge where I will  keep you engaged and motivated throughout your journey. I will be sharing tips, recipes, and more that I will post to our private Facebook group page to keep you engaged. You can do it for 30 or 60-day, one time or many different times throughout the year.

What is the commitment for a PiYo Challenge Group?

 Follow the class schedule; workouts range from 25 to 45 minutes per day (6 days a week)
 Drink Shakeology®daily
 Follow the Get Lean Eating Plan
 Total of 60 days
 Take photos and measurements on Day 1, 30, and 60
 Engage with me your Coach and group on Facebook; share how you are feeling and encourage others to reach their goals


You may be asking right now… What do I need to do?

1 Purchase the PIYO Challenge Pack that will save you up to $60.

What is included inside a Challenge Pack?

  • Piyo Workout Program – $59 Value
  • A Month’s Supply Of Shakeology – $129 Value
  • A 30 day trial Team Beachbody Club membership – $12 – Value
  • FREE Shipping – Approximately $23 Value
  • That’s over a $225 Value.For Only $160!!!


Piyo KICk Start Challenge Pack
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Do you want to try a different program? NO PROBLEM!!!

If you decide to use another program, please do so!

I have a Multi Challenge Group where you can workout to any of the Beachbody programs. Learn more about the Multi Challenge Group here.

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