My name is Eliana. I am 47 years old, happily married, mother of an amazing 10-year old little girl and I live in California, after spending 8 years in Northwest Montana. I love life and love Christ and my mission is to inspire people to change their lives daily from inside out.

My story started in Sao Paulo, Brazil where I was born and raised. By the age 14 I was introduced to the modeling business and that was my profession for 24 years.
Exercise was not part of my life until I moved to Indiana in 1988.

In March 1989 I moved to Chicago and I was introduced to my first exercise video and I was fascinated with how much of a good workout could be accomplished just by watching and following a GOOD exercise video. It became an addiction. By the end of that year I moved to Miami, FL. My modeling career took off and it was a non stop until December 2004. In 1997 I moved from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, FL where I wanted to be closer to my church and then I met and married my best friend. Moving away from Miami, put me a couple of miles away from my Gym so I decided to exercise only with my Workout Videos (by that time I had approximately 150 of them). I got really busy with Modeling and Ministry and working out with videos gave me the freedom to exercise at any time of the day.

1n 2001 Don and I welcomed our daughter Juliana and for the first time I recognized how difficult it was to lose weight( I wish Team Beachbody was around at that time). My weight loss was so difficult because after the baby I didn’t have any motivation to lose my last 20 pounds that was left from the 60 that I gained. It took me an entire year to get the pounds off, but it was done! In 2004, God called our family to move to Whitefish, Montana to start a Church. We moved to this picturesque town in the Northwest and changed our lives completely. By the end of 2005 I got all the ladies in my church involved with workout videos and that helped them tremendously. I joined the local Gym, but I was not too excited with their classes and I was bored with my workout videos as well.

That’s when Beachbody came to my life. Since 2003 I watched the Power 90 and Slim n’6 infomercials but I could not justify buying any more videos (I had around 200 at that time) until the end of 2005 when I saw the Turbo Jam segment. I was fascinated by Chalene and her energy and I decided to give it a try.
It changed my life! I got so inspired with Turbo Jam that I became Certified in Turbo Kick and started to teach the classes in my church and later on in my Gym. Turbo Kick classes became a hit in Whitefish and since then I acquired some other certifications as well.
Beachbody has been changing my life since 2005 and by now I own the entire library of Beachbody videos. Becoming a Coach has been a pleasure because now I have guidance on how to help my friends, family, and anybody that wants to succeed in this path of health and fitness. My mission is, with God’s help, to constantly improve the quality of people’s lives and to enjoy the process. I will motivate my friends, family and others to constantly walk the path of health and fitness until they get results, and encourage them to keep on going because when they see the changes, it will be rewarding.

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